Partner Agencies

Bill Holt Clinic

The Bill Holt Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only comprehensive pediatric HIV clinic in the state of Arizona, providing comprehensive care for children and adolescents exposed to or infected with HIV. The clinic, founded in 1994, is a multidisciplinary program providing family-centered care. A team of specialists works together at the visits to provide specialized medical care, nutritional support, child life services, and psychosocial support. The team works together with families to maximize the health of children/adolescents affected by or infected with HIV. The clinic provides testing of exposed infants, children, and adolescents.

Chicanos Por La Causa

L.U.C.E.S Program provides HIV supportive services in English and Spanish to hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS. It also provides HIV prevention and education, condom distribution, and resources to thousands of at-risk Latinos in Maricopa and Pinal Counties. The services offered include; Medical Case Management, Supportive Case Management, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Psychosocial Support, Prep and Pep Navigation, and free HIV testing and distribution through Alere Determine 4th generation HIV Test or the OraQuick Home HIV Test.

Ebony House

Ebony House, Inc. is an Arizona based non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that has been providing behavioral health services for more than 45 years. We are dedicated to helping restore adults, children, and families from all race and ethnic backgrounds in their triumph over substance abuse, behavioral challenges, HIV/AIDS, child abuse and preservation of the family through our integrated health programming. Ebony House is also home to our newly minted Integrated Health Clinic, providing a full range of medical services to any and all underserved populations.

HEAL International

HEAL International is a nonprofit that provides health education and health-related support to vulnerable communities. At the heart of HEAL's programs are young public health leaders who are trained to empower others in their sexual health and to encourage prevention of HIV and STIs. HEAL International's Arizona programs include empowerment for sex-trafficked youth in Arizona safe houses, training for individuals on how to facilitate sexual health conversations, and outreach for HIV testing. HEAL's programs also extend to Tanzania, East Africa, where free HIV testing is offered, adolescent girls are taught about their bodies and reproductive health, teachers and students engage in training to run their own health projects, and students of all ages learn about HIV testing and prevention.

HIV Care Directions

HIV Care Directions provides case management and other supportive services to help individuals living with HIV connect to medical care, medications and other services to help them live a long and health life. Case Managers meet with clients to complete an assessment of their needs, build a care plan of goals to work on, make referrals for services and then follow-up with clients on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are being met. In addition to case management, Care Directions provides early intervention services for individuals who are newly diagnosed, transportation services, financial assistance for medical deductibles and co-pays, and housing coordination and advocacy. Care Directions manages the Ryan White Part A Central Eligibility Office which assists clients to apply for and renew eligibility for Ryan White Part A services. Beyond providing care services for people living with HIV, Care Directions also provides PrEP/PEP Navigation Services to assist individuals who are not living with HIV to prevent acquiring HIV.

InHarmony HIV Circle Of Care

Native Health’s inHarmony HIV Circle of Care offers integrated HIV services in Maricopa County. We offer free HIV testing, PrEP/nPEP, Condom Distribution, HIV Care Management and Patient Navigation services. testing. Our test sites include our community health clinics (Central Phoenix, Maryvale, Dunlap and Mesa locations), community partner sites and special events, etc.

McDowell Healthcare Center

Founded over 20 years ago, the McDowell Healthcare Center, owned and operated by Valleywise (formerly MIHS), provides outpatient medical care, behavioral health services, and oral health care exclusively to people living with HIV/AIDS. One in every 5 people living with HIV/AIDS in Maricopa County choose to receive all or part of their healthcare at Valleywise Community Health Center – McDowell. Services include the only Women's Clinic in Arizona to address the healthcare needs of HIV-positive women. Behavioral health services include psychiatric services and mental health and substance abuse counseling by specialists in their fields. Oral health services are provided by a staff of dental professionals with decades of combined experience providing dental care to HIV-positive people. All McDowell services are offered on-site to provide for ease in coordinating appointments. Ably led by Medical Director Dr. Ann Khalsa, the McDowell Healthcare Center continues a 20 year tradition of providing cutting edge comprehensive healthcare in a compassionate and understanding atmosphere. The services offered at the Valleywise Community Health Center-McDowell are supported by the Valleywise Foundation.


Founded in 1993, one•n•ten is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving and assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth & young adults ages 11-24. We enhance their lives by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development, and healthy life choices. At one•n•ten, we envision a world where all LGBTQ youth and young adults are embraced for who they are, actively engaged in their communities, and empowered to lead. Our vibrant Youth Center in the heart of the Roosevelt District in downtown Phoenix, along with our satellite locations in Flagstaff, Glendale, Mesa, Prescott, Scottsdale, and Queen Creek offering a safe space for youth and young adults to access housing & homelessness services, obtain life skills, education & workforce readiness, health & wellness services, and learn leadership development & community-building tools for success. one•n•ten regularly participates in the annual AIDS Walk and we believe in supporting the mission of Aunt Rita's Foundation through our sexual health education & testing services offered at all of our locations in Maricopa County.

Shot In The Dark

Shot in the Dark is Phoenix's own radical harm reduction collective and syringe access program. Our mission is to bring solidarity and health equity to the marginalized populations of drug users and sex workers in Maricopa County through framework of harm reduction and evidence-based education.We wish to expand our syringe access program to reach more participants and strengthen our effectiveness in preventing the spread of IV infection. We will continue to reduce the amount of opioid-related deaths by maintaining THE lowest barrier access to the life-saving overdose reversal drug Naloxone. We strive to bring compassion to the stigmatized of our community by showing them that their health does matter.

Southwest Behavioral Health Services

Southwest Behavioral Health Services Operates and manages five distinct housing programs within the Phoenix metropolitan area for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. Housing for folks with HIV/AIDS has long been viewed as a form of health care. Persons living with HIV/AIDS on the streets, homeless or in places unfit for habitation fair much worse than people who are housed. Improved housing stability relates to reduced HIV risk and improved access to medical care according to the National AIDS Housing Coalition. SBH offers two types of what are referred to as permanent living settings, two settings as well for a transitional housing model and a financial assistance service for individuals and families who may be facing homelessness and can avoid eviction through help with either rent, mortgage or utility bills. There are over 80 units of housing, some of them are apartments, some condos and some are houses with a homelike environment for 4-5 persons. Through the emergency assistance effort 300-400 individuals and families are helped each year to remain housed.

Southwest Center

Southwest Center is an integrated healthcare clinic in downtown Phoenix. We are leaders in providing quality prevention, education, medical care, and supportive services to the community, with specialties in serving LGBTQ+ individuals, those affected by HIV/AIDS, and anyone seeking non-judgmental, culturally-competent sexual health care. Whether it’s for prevention, medical care, or supportive services, our staff meets our community where they are at and gives them the tools, love, and encouragement they need to meet their goals and lead healthy lives.

Terros Together

Terros Together Programs has been offering FREE HIV testing services since 1987; with 2012 marking our 25th anniversary we've been in the fight against this epidemic. Our services currently include counseling, testing, referral and education services throughout all of Maricopa County. We work in a treatment engagement and harm reduction focus with the individuals we serve. Currently we offer FREE HIV and syphilis testing and with our community partners we are able to meet individuals where they are at in a safe, comfortable and culturally appropriate setting where individuals aren't restricted to coming into our offices.